Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dream or Nightmare?

Even though i'd forgive all people that make me hurt, i still feel the pain. I dont know where is wrong or maybe i left some step behind and i just dont realise about it. I've try so hard to wash the dark side apart of me, but i can still feel the pain. In a past few days, i dont get a decent sleep....i keep had a dream or nigthmare that haunt me forever! Oh please...go away all the dream and nightmare!!! Leave me alone! I want to feel normal again! I dont want this kind of pain! I cant take any presricption to heal this kind of pain except for keep asking from Allah.

Owh, i still breathing, but in a hard and crucial way. I feel like there is a huge rock inside of my lung. Yes, i'm barely to breath. and sometime i wish that i stop breathing, so there is no pain.. BUT, i dont want to put my faith in that way. I dont give up. I keep and keep asking from Allah.

To dream and nightmare,
Please..please..and please, dont haunt me anymore. Go away! Let me sleep decently. I cant afford to get on my life while you still haunt me in my dream. :(


Igniz said...

Hold on tightly, miss nolly.
You'll get through this.

Nadia said...

yeah. nolly. keep holding on. we'll pray fer you.

marts said...

Hi nolly,

Tot kata dia kirim salam ceria wat nolly.

marts & tot