Monday, January 19, 2009

Banana in a Boat!!

My Special dessert : Banana-kiwi split in the pan loaf
Lately ni rasa panas je cuaca eh. Today, i'm going to class pepagi morning...then going back home at 2.30pm. Panas gler k masa tu! rasa mcm rentung je satu badan ni (fyi, i bw moto dr ukm ke kjg coz i live wif my bro). So, dlm kepala otak ni dok fikir sumthing ice, sweet and juice je. Hikhik....first i thought nk beli choclate frappucino frm starbuck, but then, rasa bersalah sgt dissbkn peperangan di gaza tu. huhu..finally, i end up with these banana split. very yummylicious..

The ingredients

So, here the ingredient that i use,
~2 biji pisang montel
~Kiwi Sundae-licious from King's (rm4.89, 800ml...hrga ky giant kjg)
~white chochlate chip
~dark chochlate chip
~almond nib (letak kcg tanah pon bley)
~Hersyes's chochlate syrup

Cara2 : korang campur je secukup rasa ye!

Yummy~yummy....jemput rasa..huhuhu

Friday, January 16, 2009

Beauty is PAIN!

Today's menu : Porridge
Lama kan x update?? gler! bile start skolah blk...rasa mcm x de masa plak nk ngadap lappy. Last week langsung x sempt nk buka blog, ym, fs, fb dan segala macam lg..

Today, i make bubur nasi...special menu after i got treatment from my orthodontist! uh...its pain like hell k!!!! every month, 3rd or 4th week of Thursday i've an appointment with my ortho at Amcorp's Mall. As monthly check up, he will straighten and pull my teeth to be more pretty. ngee~~ BUT seriously! sgt sakit utk 2-3 hari lepas treatment!!! i cant bite, sbb sume gg atas n bwh ni longgar, even tersentuh ngan lidah i pon sakit tau! sakit kt gusi n sumtime kat tulang muka ni pon sakit tau!

i da lupa sebenarnya the exact date that i'm wearing this hell braces, but i guess in feb 2007, i'm still school at PASUM...nearly b4 chinese new year kot. so....tahun ni, da 3 tahun i'm in the pain!.. tp....ortho tu ckp, da x lama je lagi..sbb sume gg da ok, just nk rapatkn couple of gap je. ngee...sgt best k..x sbr nk tggu that moment!

This braces totally cost me RM5K++, and i have to give up my 4 healthy teeth! cit...such a waste. But all the cost have been sponsored by my big bro, which is i'm living with him now. A very big thanks to him. Dari i kecik2 lg dia mmg nk i pakai braces sbb gg i yg x chantek ni. So, he skip my every big exam's present..and lastly i've got a beautiful straight teeth.

K, nk cite plak my first experience. huhu....masa mula2 dulu agak excited la gak... ye la..nk pakai braces which is very rare rite. i've to find my ortho by myself and go there by my self to. no one help me, include my bro. my bro just give me the money. Since no one help me, i end up with YS Tan Dental Surgery at suite in Amcorp Mall which is explain why it soo expensive. I dont know where else to find a cheap dental since i dont hv my own transport, and i'm thinking of every month visiting the dental. Kalo kt amcorp mall tu kan sng nk access, naik lrt je..da smpai.

So, on my first day psg braces ni, rasa mcm excited sgt. rasa mcm nk tunjuk kt sume org!! haha....sampai kan, bila i senyum smpai nmpk braces, tetiba i da x bley nk tutup mulut ni blk! cit. x suke.. but, lama2 da x terasa ape2 pon...smpai kdg2 i x ingt yg i pakai braces. hew a few photo that i'm snap yesterday.
tipu je ni..i dont love my dentist

kat depan pintu masuk

My ortho...tgh setup the wire for my braces. Sampai skarg i x tahu ape nama dia k!

Tools yg digunakn...beg merah tu beg skolah i ye.

Another tools

small sink

... mysterious beg...

oxigen tank

tada~~ i'm gain some fat.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

I MALAS NAK UPDATE!!!! Dgr x!!??
hehehe...just sempat tukar skin of my blog jer.
anyway, happy new year!!...

sape nk blueberry cheesecake ni??