Friday, October 31, 2008

Long Time ago......

Tadaaa...i'm back! (kehkehkeh...padahal..x de sape pon follow blog aku neh)..its been a week i have not update my blog... urghh...seems like i da x reti nk tulis blog la... muehehe...

ok, first of all...last week i have so much energy to write sumthing here, BUT sudddenly gmail account reject my password lor!! what the heckk??? trus x de mood nk blogging. :( plus..this whole weekdays is very TIRING a.k.a MEMENATKAN...haish~~ summary for past few days..

woke up at 9.30am, get shower n dress so whutever, then i decide to spend my time at the office. i suppose to clear up my lotus notes nicely..n do some filing for my abundance documents n notes..n plan for my internship presentation..
BUT what i end up is, surfing the again..and surf some more... ngeh3...but i did the filing part ok...(only poke the hole~~still not imto filing system)...the only reason why i spend my time in the opis <---eventhough i know i cant claim anything.. is, i want to get away n not thinking of my bf... *sigh*

still not in the right mood... feel more to baking.. so, i end up wif super dupper yummy Caramel Apple Cupcake!! it was a BLESS! dammit!.. thanks to cassie for inspire me..for the recipe click here , but i didnt make the caramel bcoz i dont want to open yet my 1Liter whip cream! <---kedekut gilers... pics of the cuppies...sbb abis dimakan oleh saya.. *NYUM3*

which is public holiday...still doing nothing. *sigh* feel like to dating cause i'm miss him so much! but then, i was thinking n still thinking whether i should go out wif him or not?? (it will happens when u get involve in VERY VERY COMPLICATED relationship! dammit!!) finally, we just go out for dinner n some groceries shopping 2gether uninterrupted by someone else.. *SIGH* :(

another day for work. busy for shooting clips. Cook dinner for my self! <--its been a month i didnt cook my dinner...since my beloved SIL (sister-in-law) fly away to dublin.. :( miss her so much lor.. forgot to mention ~ i'm all alone at home..since my bro outstation till friday.

WEDNESDAY malas nk g keje.. end up wif smpai opis at 10am!! weih...wth la nolly...ingt ni company bapak lu yg punya ka?? the best unforgetfull is, i dare enough to go to the office by motor kachai i!! totally bizarre!! am i out of my mind?? seriously...i will think gizillion time if i wanna ride motor by myself go to ofis (which is from kajang to klcc~~hv to accross at highway and lots of jalan yg sesak2).. at 5pm, i hv appointment wit my orthodontist! yep..another monthly check up! super duper hate this time!! dinner of that day 12inc subway bbq steak sandwiches. ~i crave for this thinggy.

sooooo malas to go toothache, face bone-ache and headache. thanks to my Orthodontist. tah ape yg dia buat kt gg aku smlm!! damn...i decide to apply mc at UKM's clinic. luckly for me coz the doctor was awesome! she give me mc for one day. end up with boring day coz i'm stuck at hse doing nothing. but finally i end up wif housekeeping! YIPPIE! b4 this, it was 100% mess..ish..smpai bley jadi sarang tikus ar...muehehe..tipu je tu. i'm so happy..eventhou it was tiring! sejuk je mata memandang ni... ;) <---the only reason y i do housekeeping is bcoz my parents will visit this weekend! tu ler..sebok dok mencuci mengemas sume tu...

still..malas to work.. but i've pull my self 2gether, and MUST go to the ofis... (today will be held very2 big celebration!) i've got some pending work..but not so the with decoration. then, 3-5pm was happy time! the celebration totally owesome! this time for 4th quater birthday party celebration, the birthday cake was from secret recipe! nyum3! it was cheese choc cake..(i was done this cake b4, and its taste just exactly same..muehehe) and i was nominated unofficially as 'best dress', dpt hadiah at back stage je la... actually org lain dpt best dress...but everyone was wondering why i'm not get that title, bcoz of my dress so superb! hik3..

Get spotted during celebration

syeera, adel, me, elly and shameel

so...thats it..just a lil bit the whole week of update. now..i x sabar tggu my parents yg akan smpai esok pg. mish them so much!

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Lazy Ladybug~

pheww!! WHAT??!? today is FRIDAY?? cepat btul masa berlalu... rasa mcm x smpat je nk bernafas..basically, i'm happy when it is friday...beside of that, i'm also feel sad becoz there is only a few weeks are left for me to do my internship.. next year..i have to go back to school! wth!! x mooo...x mooo...scary part tuh!!

i never realise that almost every day i'm blogging. it is a good sign? hmm..but still, i'm not statisfied with my blog... it has to be a lot of constuction n improvement. i'm sicking of seing this free layout.. and also the toolbar options..they are too litle n limited. duhhh..bosan kan tgk blog aku nih?? its ok, i need to spend my time on edit, edit n edit more to the coding it self. cant depend 100% on the given toolbar..its really2 limited!

daa..i have to work my ass of 2day. its a lot of pending ticket! Damnn

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pagi-pagi Morning..

Its THURSDAY!!! yuccckkk.. i should hate today....ish..damn.

This morning, its hard for me to wake up! hmm.. :( i want to sleep more and MORE! sometimes, i hate when i got uninterrupted sleep (not wake up in the middle of my sleep) a.k.a tido mampos. i just wake up when i heard the alarm..damn...feel like i dont get enuf sleep. then i will be sleepy, sleepy and more sleepy. ish..sleepyhead betul la!! at first i wanna come late...i plan to take the 7am bus...but then, maybe around 8.30am i will arrive at office. but finally i realise i have an important meeting i pull my self 2gether..get shower n dress up so whatever...and i must arrive at the ofis on 7am.. then..i need 'special drug' to help me this morning... it was a NESCAFE!!!! so, while i having my bfast (nasi lemak infront of klcc~nyum3), i make hot milo and additional with a lil bit of nescafe so it will kick my ass this morning!!!!

after this, i have to think more about my presentation at 1.30pm and think extraordinary about solution to my project that hv been assign to me. get 2 more ticket yesterday that contain a lot of server list for me to check the SCOM agents!!! and i dont have any feeling to do it!!!!!!!!! DAMNNN!!!...bout presentation 2day...i've got some inspired from my collegue, JOAN said ...'when u present, u should thinking of u are present your future to exxonmobil' muehehe... what an inspired huh??? anyway, thanks her to encorage me for more energetic to do my assigment n presentation.

daa for nOw..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lewat petang...

i'm still in d office ni!!!! damnn..nk balik laaaa..well, what can i do, i've come late 2day, evening shift (11am-8pm)..gara2 'visit some place last nite'..then, get not enuf, pepagi morning i've text to ad, and ask her to tell my collegue, elly to inform europe team lead that i'm gonna come at 11am.

the truth story is, i want to donate blood 2day, so i really2 need enuf sleep. finally, during lunch, joan and i go to eatery to donate our blood! it is my 6 times, i'm so excited...i dont know why, i just loveeeee to donate my blood. It was my 1st time they are draw 450ml of my blood. WOW...thats alot..before this, i'm only qualified to donate 300-350ml only. then, u should know why, it is because i've gain some fatty2.. muehehe...

~tiny first aid kit~

to update u all, this time they hv been improve in their technical work n equipment!. so, less pain lor! seriouly, x rasa ape2 pon... thanks GOD there is no complication for the nurse searching for my blood vessel ( i use to hv this problem b4 this ). Luckly for us that donate in exxonmobil, we have been given the small first aid kit. lucky huh? (will update photo later). and also, there is a lot of food specially prepare by exxon for blood donor. *wink*wink* i ate a lots and lotS!!.. normally, when there is campaign of blood donatation, (held by other organization or at ukm), the only food that available are bun, cookies, hot milo or tea and tetratpack water a.k.a air kotak ler... but, in exxon..they care much bout their workers, so they prepare extra food for us like mihoon goreng, nasi lemak, chicken pie, banana, currypuff and mineral water. actually, there is a lot of advantage when u r working here!! so, marilah beramai2 kerja di exxon nih. muehehe...

2day lunch in the Brown Bag was 2 slice sandwiches, an apple, 2 muffins.

better i kemas2...early 7pm. yippie!! nk balik excited. ( i think i wanna skip the handover meeting with Curitiba team ~ da x de kena mengena ngan aku pon, x yah la attend kn??)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

L.O.V.E Tuesday!!!!

Yup!! is tuesday.. which is i LOVEEEE tuesday!!!
want to know y???

~ugly betty at 9pm
~grey's anatomy s4 at 10pm (eventhough i've already hve the collection, but i still love to watch it!)
~desperate housewives at 11pm

this 3 show are my favorite! it! another update, 2day i still feel tired.. :( probably i start with a bad day (monday) for my week. i must bear in my mind!! GET ENUF REST ON SUNDAY!!!! so, i will start a fresh monday then follow with the entire week!!

Last nite, i should have enuf rest, but bcoz of the open hse invitation from PMR(Prime Minister Resident), i have to accompany my brother n his son! There is lot of food, but guest are not that much. the ceremony are held special for his(PM) staff..(from toilet cleaning to the police guard). My brother is senior engineer who coordinate all the maintenance in PMR.(thats y i've been invited too!) Unfotunately, our PM and his wife cant join us last nite. so, only his staff yg bergumbira eat2 and sing2. hehehe... the office, for entire week i will get free lunch!!!! it is because we (interns) has participate in Brown Bag Lunch Talk. duhh...u must be wondering what is it rite?? this company have their own safety organization call KLOSHC ~ KL Office Safety and Health Committe. so, this committe has held a KLOSHC Week. This entire week have a lot of health and safety

Brown Bag Lunch Talk
~be held on every day at lunch time, mostly on 12pm-1.30pm. the committe will invite the outside expertise to give speech about health and safety issues like Healthy Living, Cardiac Issues, Flu Vaccination Awareness, Stress Management ang Dengue. All the participate will receive a brown bag containing lunch bento. Yesterday Brown Bag hv nasi goreng, 2 muffins, a apple and mineral water. we have register for all session ( lunch free kan?? sape yg x nak?? )

Health Screening (but for regulars only)
~free health screening by medical staff from Damansara Specialist Hospital. The test include blood pressure, blood glucose, blood cholesterol, BMI. We cant register for this session since we are contractors, not regulars. poor us. :(

Blood Drive
~blood donation. which is i loveeee to donate my blood. i think only me who register for it (among the interns la...)

Flu Vaccination
~free flu vaccinations for employees! again!! we cant register for it :(

well, that is the event that held by KLOSHC.

The other activities that inters hv to do is making a short film for DeepaRaya & 4th Quarter Birthday Celebration. s.h.o.r.t f.i.l.m??? scary huh?? hey, we just an amatur laa...duhh...we hv no other choice..hv to do whatever they as for favor rite? we manage to create the script which is hillarious! some of us hv to be the camera girl and some of us hv to be actors (the actors only for who celebrate the birthday in Oct, Nov n Dec ~emy, joan n me hv to act!) ~owh..i want to be a drama queen!!. muehehe

The other event is, we have been invited to Celebration Luncheon - Zero Procedural Error Month, Aug 08. heckk! i dont know what is for. what i know is we have been invited for FREE LUNCH!!!! the venue will be at Basil Leaf Restaurant on this thursday. we've no idea how to go there, since dont hv cars. the map is already provide, but we dont know to go there with what?. urmm...never mind laa...the firsssttt thing to do is to ACCEPT the invitation so, the secretary would make the reservation for those who are accept the invitation. pedulikn la ade transport ke x de..janji da accept kn?? we hve to dump the Brown Bag Lunch Talk on thursday because we have another free n BIG lunch!!

heheh..H.A.P.P.Y!!!!! eventhough i feel tired, but i'm so happy for the free lunch for my entire week..!!

oh..the most hated event is EUROPE ANNUAL MEETING!! this thursday. which is probably i have to present of my assigment! duhh..x siap lg neh!!

well, i think its enuf for advance update on my activity on this week. see ya! =)

Monday, October 20, 2008


mOnDaY bLuEsS
~nO moOd for wOrking t0day!
~feel dizziness!
~feel emptiness!
~feel sleepy!
aRghhh...its not a good day to start my whole week!! (that has promise me a very2 busy week!)
owH... :( no moOd at all......feel like i want to go back to perak (my parents's hse) rite now!! then, i will be sleep like a baby on my comfortie matress in my lovely roOm! seriously!!! makkk..nolly nk balik n tido laaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Its Raining..

Yesterday evening..its raining..
I went back from work at 5.30pm, and arive at Kajang 6.15pm..its still raining and so heavy.
I dont have others choice accept i have to go through the rain with my motorbike in order to arive at my home sweet home. Seriously, i dont want to stay at Kajang town for couple of reason..

1) I have stomachache due of overdose of gas!! Damn...really hurt!
2) I want to pee badly, is so cold when its raining. yuck!

Those 2 reason is enuf for me to grab my raincoat and just gamble ride the motorbike in heavily rain. scared....its come with thunderstorm which make me pray to the God nonstop!

Finally, i arrived at home safely. is a big relief, where i can straight go to the toilet and doin my undone bussiness. wink*wink.

I'm so tired last nite, i only manage to migrate couples of file (mostly of my greys anatomy collection) into empty hardisk (thanks to elly for let me borrow urs). I want to clear my laptop, then i will format my laptop. Soon, bye-bye all the ugly viruses!

I fall asleep at 9pm, where its too way early for me, then what can i do...i really2 tired last nite. *sigh*

Hopefully, tonite i will not fall asleep that fast, so i can do laundry (which i think need 2 round of operations---its huge! like a GIANT MOUNTAIN!) Then, i can watch Betty...and hopefully i can stay up to watch Desperate Housewives at 11pm<----Maybe i will watch on friday nite. ps/ i hate raining!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hari Raya @ Zaba

Fantastic 4 ( Lin, Ila, Me, Nad )
Last nite was totally amazing!!!
Fuh...nasib baik la dapat invitation for Sambutan Hari Raya at Kolej Pendeta Zaba (even i'm no longer the penghuni that kolej) lantak la kan, x de sape pon peduli..(hey, i bnyk wat jasa kt kolej tu tau..

K.mai and me

Anyway, back to the story..dpt msg from Ila(my ex roomate) on khamis, 'nolly, dtg la ukm esok, ade jamuan hari raya. havoc gler tau!' uwaa...terkejut eden yg berkobar2 x sabar nk tggu hari jumaat.. tp tu la..dlm hati dok berkira2 gak ni, nak pegi ke tak?? ye la...raya taun ni bju raya i x de la havoc sgt kan... yg ade tu pon lom sempat dibasuh lg..muehehe..., tp tu bkn la mslh besar, sbb aku tau aku leh pinjam bju depa yg cun melucun tuh

Tanpa berfikir panjang, lps blk keje smlm, dlm kul 7 smpai umah, then buka puasa mkn burger je, then trus mandi n solat. kul 7.40 trus shoot g ukm, ngan pakai baju tdo je (nk p beraya ni, tp pakai bju tdo je)..smpai sana tepat2 kul 8mlm. fuh..nasib baik 'makcik2' lain tu ad kt dlm blk.....ape lg, aku trus je sarung bju and tudung ape yg ade kt sana.. jadi hot la gak kan...
so, dpt la jumpa geng2 lama yg seangkatan..then bermula la segala sesi bergosip2 nih...mcm citer ader..sumenye unexpectable. Overall, i was totally fun that nite!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Jam di skrin aku ni tepat menunjukkan 2.26ptg..
blom solat lg neh..
blom mkn lg neh.. (da smemanggnya sbb puasa)
blom g toilet lg neh..
blom siap keje lg neh...

huhu..yg asyik dok buat...merapu2 kt blog sendiri, kt blog org laen..kt fs..
ish2...ape nk jadi nih..

keje ade je kat opis ni sbnrnya ( infact benda ni critical sbb da lama sgt tertangguh..smpai da bley muntah hijau ) tp tu la....MALAS BANGET SIH!!! da la ni nak kena send email kat org curitiba,Brazil. dah tu nk kena reka ayat2 canggih manggih gitu n politely.. ye laa..da nk minta tolong kan..kena la polite2 n canggih manggih. dah tu kena in english lak tuh..naseb baik lg x kena anta email dlm spanish or portuguese ke ape..haih...leceh gak keje kat international company nih..

k lah..da tiba masanya nk kena perah n kerah kn otak2 nih utk mencipta ayat2 bombastic plak utk mr edesio gouvea kt brazilian nun. haih~~terbelit lidah makcik nk menyebutnye. muehehe

waa...apsal makcik nk tempek gambar kt dlm ni x bley??
frust tul..nk kena blajar dgn mendalam lg neh..
~adios amigos~
Baru je selesai send email.. fuhh..lega betul rasa..riang ria di hari raya. ekeke..
hopefully mr edesio tuh paham la grammar makcik yg tunggang langgang nih.
k lah, makcik ni nk g solat sat no... ari ni leh blk kul 4, tp tu la..blk awal pun buat sakit ati jer..
da la rushing2 mcm anak ayam, alih2 bila smpai kt Psr Seni tu, bus da jln daaa...
adus..panass betul hati ku ini! Baik aku kuar opis ni lambat2 sket, then naik bus kul 5.30ptg yg sememangnya confirm menanti diriku ini...


hmm...pelik jap.. apsal entry kat bawah ni di pos pada waktu 8.18pm???
padahal, aku baru je pos td, waktu dipejabat adalah 11.30am.
hmm...agak2 la, blog ni ikut time zone mana eh??
ader sape2 leh bantu gue yg kebingungan nih??

~Under Construction~

Khas buat pembaca semua.. ( tah ader ke x pembaca blog ku ini )

Blog aku nih still under construction. malas seh nak update.
kat opis ni da la bnyk keje..(kekdg je)..bile blk umah, da letih trus x de mood nk blogging.
so, nnt kalo ader virus RAJIN yg menyerang, baru la meriah skit blog yg x seberapa nih..

Buat kengkawan yg baru memblogging, taniah diucap kan!
masa skang ni leh la nk blog2 kan? ssb x de keje sgt kat opis tu kan???
nnti next sem, da final sem...sure terkubur plak blog2 ni, x de masa nk update.

Buat kengkawan yg asyik dok baca blog org je, tp x de blog sendiri, contohnye mcm org kt cubicle sblh aku ni 08:63, sila2 lah wat blog sendiri ye. org lain pun nk gk tahu citer korang kan?? huehue...