Tuesday, October 21, 2008

L.O.V.E Tuesday!!!!

Yup!!...today is tuesday.. which is i LOVEEEE tuesday!!!
want to know y???

~ugly betty at 9pm
~grey's anatomy s4 at 10pm (eventhough i've already hve the collection, but i still love to watch it!)
~desperate housewives at 11pm

this 3 show are my favorite! damn..love it! another update, 2day i still feel tired.. :( probably i start with a bad day (monday) for my week. i must bear in my mind!! GET ENUF REST ON SUNDAY!!!! so, i will start a fresh monday then follow with the entire week!!

Last nite, i should have enuf rest, but bcoz of the open hse invitation from PMR(Prime Minister Resident), i have to accompany my brother n his son! There is lot of food, but guest are not that much. the ceremony are held special for his(PM) staff..(from toilet cleaning to the police guard). My brother is senior engineer who coordinate all the maintenance in PMR.(thats y i've been invited too!) Unfotunately, our PM and his wife cant join us last nite. so, only his staff yg bergumbira eat2 and sing2. hehehe...

while...at the office, for entire week i will get free lunch!!!! it is because we (interns) has participate in Brown Bag Lunch Talk. duhh...u must be wondering what is it rite?? this company have their own safety organization call KLOSHC ~ KL Office Safety and Health Committe. so, this committe has held a KLOSHC Week. This entire week have a lot of health and safety program....like

Brown Bag Lunch Talk
~be held on every day at lunch time, mostly on 12pm-1.30pm. the committe will invite the outside expertise to give speech about health and safety issues like Healthy Living, Cardiac Issues, Flu Vaccination Awareness, Stress Management ang Dengue. All the participate will receive a brown bag containing lunch bento. Yesterday Brown Bag hv nasi goreng, 2 muffins, a apple and mineral water. we have register for all session ( lunch free kan?? sape yg x nak?? )

Health Screening (but for regulars only)
~free health screening by medical staff from Damansara Specialist Hospital. The test include blood pressure, blood glucose, blood cholesterol, BMI. We cant register for this session since we are contractors, not regulars. poor us. :(

Blood Drive
~blood donation. which is i loveeee to donate my blood. i think only me who register for it (among the interns la...)

Flu Vaccination
~free flu vaccinations for employees! again!! we cant register for it :(

well, that is the event that held by KLOSHC.

The other activities that inters hv to do is making a short film for DeepaRaya & 4th Quarter Birthday Celebration. s.h.o.r.t f.i.l.m??? scary huh?? hey, we just an amatur laa...duhh...we hv no other choice..hv to do whatever they as for favor rite? we manage to create the script which is hillarious! some of us hv to be the camera girl and some of us hv to be actors (the actors only for who celebrate the birthday in Oct, Nov n Dec ~emy, joan n me hv to act!) ~owh..i want to be a drama queen!!. muehehe

The other event is, we have been invited to Celebration Luncheon - Zero Procedural Error Month, Aug 08. heckk! i dont know what is for. what i know is we have been invited for FREE LUNCH!!!! the venue will be at Basil Leaf Restaurant on this thursday. we've no idea how to go there, since dont hv cars. the map is already provide, but we dont know to go there with what?. urmm...never mind laa...the firsssttt thing to do is to ACCEPT the invitation so, the secretary would make the reservation for those who are accept the invitation. pedulikn la ade transport ke x de..janji da accept kn?? we hve to dump the Brown Bag Lunch Talk on thursday because we have another free n BIG lunch!!

heheh..H.A.P.P.Y!!!!! eventhough i feel tired, but i'm so happy for the free lunch for my entire week..!!

oh..the most hated event is EUROPE ANNUAL MEETING!! this thursday. which is probably i have to present of my assigment! duhh..x siap lg neh!!

well, i think its enuf for advance update on my activity on this week. see ya! =)


Anonymous said...

yahh EUROPE TEAM MEETING!!damn!damn!ak punyer pun xcomplete lagik..huuuuuuu =(

that girl said...

klu pasal makan ko mmg laju jak la nolly.. hahaha..