Friday, October 31, 2008

Long Time ago......

Tadaaa...i'm back! (kehkehkeh...padahal..x de sape pon follow blog aku neh)..its been a week i have not update my blog... urghh...seems like i da x reti nk tulis blog la... muehehe...

ok, first of all...last week i have so much energy to write sumthing here, BUT sudddenly gmail account reject my password lor!! what the heckk??? trus x de mood nk blogging. :( plus..this whole weekdays is very TIRING a.k.a MEMENATKAN...haish~~ summary for past few days..

woke up at 9.30am, get shower n dress so whutever, then i decide to spend my time at the office. i suppose to clear up my lotus notes nicely..n do some filing for my abundance documents n notes..n plan for my internship presentation..
BUT what i end up is, surfing the again..and surf some more... ngeh3...but i did the filing part ok...(only poke the hole~~still not imto filing system)...the only reason why i spend my time in the opis <---eventhough i know i cant claim anything.. is, i want to get away n not thinking of my bf... *sigh*

still not in the right mood... feel more to baking.. so, i end up wif super dupper yummy Caramel Apple Cupcake!! it was a BLESS! dammit!.. thanks to cassie for inspire me..for the recipe click here , but i didnt make the caramel bcoz i dont want to open yet my 1Liter whip cream! <---kedekut gilers... pics of the cuppies...sbb abis dimakan oleh saya.. *NYUM3*

which is public holiday...still doing nothing. *sigh* feel like to dating cause i'm miss him so much! but then, i was thinking n still thinking whether i should go out wif him or not?? (it will happens when u get involve in VERY VERY COMPLICATED relationship! dammit!!) finally, we just go out for dinner n some groceries shopping 2gether uninterrupted by someone else.. *SIGH* :(

another day for work. busy for shooting clips. Cook dinner for my self! <--its been a month i didnt cook my dinner...since my beloved SIL (sister-in-law) fly away to dublin.. :( miss her so much lor.. forgot to mention ~ i'm all alone at home..since my bro outstation till friday.

WEDNESDAY malas nk g keje.. end up wif smpai opis at 10am!! weih...wth la nolly...ingt ni company bapak lu yg punya ka?? the best unforgetfull is, i dare enough to go to the office by motor kachai i!! totally bizarre!! am i out of my mind?? seriously...i will think gizillion time if i wanna ride motor by myself go to ofis (which is from kajang to klcc~~hv to accross at highway and lots of jalan yg sesak2).. at 5pm, i hv appointment wit my orthodontist! yep..another monthly check up! super duper hate this time!! dinner of that day 12inc subway bbq steak sandwiches. ~i crave for this thinggy.

sooooo malas to go toothache, face bone-ache and headache. thanks to my Orthodontist. tah ape yg dia buat kt gg aku smlm!! damn...i decide to apply mc at UKM's clinic. luckly for me coz the doctor was awesome! she give me mc for one day. end up with boring day coz i'm stuck at hse doing nothing. but finally i end up wif housekeeping! YIPPIE! b4 this, it was 100% mess..ish..smpai bley jadi sarang tikus ar...muehehe..tipu je tu. i'm so happy..eventhou it was tiring! sejuk je mata memandang ni... ;) <---the only reason y i do housekeeping is bcoz my parents will visit this weekend! tu ler..sebok dok mencuci mengemas sume tu...

still..malas to work.. but i've pull my self 2gether, and MUST go to the ofis... (today will be held very2 big celebration!) i've got some pending work..but not so the with decoration. then, 3-5pm was happy time! the celebration totally owesome! this time for 4th quater birthday party celebration, the birthday cake was from secret recipe! nyum3! it was cheese choc cake..(i was done this cake b4, and its taste just exactly same..muehehe) and i was nominated unofficially as 'best dress', dpt hadiah at back stage je la... actually org lain dpt best dress...but everyone was wondering why i'm not get that title, bcoz of my dress so superb! hik3..

Get spotted during celebration

syeera, adel, me, elly and shameel

so...thats it..just a lil bit the whole week of update. now..i x sabar tggu my parents yg akan smpai esok pg. mish them so much!

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