Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Its Raining..

Yesterday evening..its raining..
I went back from work at 5.30pm, and arive at Kajang 6.15pm..its still raining and so heavy.
I dont have others choice accept i have to go through the rain with my motorbike in order to arive at my home sweet home. Seriously, i dont want to stay at Kajang town for couple of reason..

1) I have stomachache due of overdose of gas!! Damn...really hurt!
2) I want to pee badly, plus..it is so cold when its raining. yuck!

Those 2 reason is enuf for me to grab my raincoat and just gamble ride the motorbike in heavily rain. Damn..so scared....its come with thunderstorm which make me pray to the God nonstop!

Finally, i arrived at home safely. Ohh...it is a big relief, where i can straight go to the toilet and doin my undone bussiness. wink*wink.

I'm so tired last nite, i only manage to migrate couples of file (mostly of my greys anatomy collection) into empty hardisk (thanks to elly for let me borrow urs). I want to clear my laptop, then i will format my laptop. Soon, bye-bye all the ugly viruses!

I fall asleep at 9pm, where its too way early for me, then what can i do...i really2 tired last nite. *sigh*

Hopefully, tonite i will not fall asleep that fast, so i can do laundry (which i think need 2 round of operations---its huge! like a GIANT MOUNTAIN!) Then, i can watch Betty...and hopefully i can stay up to watch Desperate Housewives at 11pm<----Maybe i will watch on friday nite. ps/ i hate raining!


How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Cool blog! Thanks for the comment! :)

that girl said...

adoi nolly
sedih lak aku baca blog ko neh..
mari la stay umah kitaorg..
mst ko nampak mcm minah rempit pecut laju2 dlm ujan..
just kidding..k :p