Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pagi-pagi Morning..

Its THURSDAY!!! yuccckkk.. i should hate today....ish..damn.

This morning, its hard for me to wake up! hmm.. :( i want to sleep more and MORE! sometimes, i hate when i got uninterrupted sleep (not wake up in the middle of my sleep) a.k.a tido mampos. i just wake up when i heard the alarm..damn...feel like i dont get enuf sleep. then i will be sleepy, sleepy and more sleepy. ish..sleepyhead betul la!! at first i wanna come late...i plan to take the 7am bus...but then, maybe around 8.30am i will arrive at office. but finally i realise i have an important meeting i pull my self 2gether..get shower n dress up so whatever...and i must arrive at the ofis on 7am.. then..i need 'special drug' to help me this morning... it was a NESCAFE!!!! so, while i having my bfast (nasi lemak infront of klcc~nyum3), i make hot milo and additional with a lil bit of nescafe so it will kick my ass this morning!!!!

after this, i have to think more about my presentation at 1.30pm and think extraordinary about solution to my project that hv been assign to me. get 2 more ticket yesterday that contain a lot of server list for me to check the SCOM agents!!! and i dont have any feeling to do it!!!!!!!!! DAMNNN!!!...bout presentation 2day...i've got some inspired from my collegue, JOAN said ...'when u present, u should thinking of u are present your future to exxonmobil' muehehe... what an inspired huh??? anyway, thanks her to encorage me for more energetic to do my assigment n presentation.

daa for nOw..

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