Friday, October 24, 2008

A Lazy Ladybug~

pheww!! WHAT??!? today is FRIDAY?? cepat btul masa berlalu... rasa mcm x smpat je nk bernafas..basically, i'm happy when it is friday...beside of that, i'm also feel sad becoz there is only a few weeks are left for me to do my internship.. next year..i have to go back to school! wth!! x mooo...x mooo...scary part tuh!!

i never realise that almost every day i'm blogging. it is a good sign? hmm..but still, i'm not statisfied with my blog... it has to be a lot of constuction n improvement. i'm sicking of seing this free layout.. and also the toolbar options..they are too litle n limited. duhhh..bosan kan tgk blog aku nih?? its ok, i need to spend my time on edit, edit n edit more to the coding it self. cant depend 100% on the given toolbar..its really2 limited!

daa..i have to work my ass of 2day. its a lot of pending ticket! Damnn

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