Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bright and Shiny

Today i feel much more better..
Even though i had an exam for the MCITP after 5 days of classes.
Alhamdulillah....i'm passed it with flying colors.

Well, at previous post i ada whining about this course kan...
Huhu...semalam takut la jugak...sbb buat sample question tu, asyik failed aje.
Da la sedang menghadapi tekanan perasaan yg maha hebat.
After find out the GIGO method (garbage in garbage out) finally, i bley dapat full marked!
Amazing btul.. :) ...so, tips nya hanya la hafal jawapan je ok! soalan tu x baca pon x pe. Oleh itu, korg leh la jwb 50 MCQ dlm masa 5 min aje.. Best kan?? sample Q ader dlm 100 lebey, actual exam kuar random dr sample tu, and kuar mmg sbijik sejibon ngan soalan sample tu.

Ini adalah kitab yg diberi...tebal sgt dan seberat 1.5 kg (betul ni, td baru g timbang)
(tp i x baca pon...masih suci...nasib baik da koyak plastic, kalo tak, sure leh jual blk)
Selalunya, buku programming tebal ni, setahun baru abis cover, tp microsoft ni kejam, terpaksa cover dlm masa 5 hari saje!

This is the result, right after completed the exam
Exam ni computer-based, ala2 mcm amik exam utk amik lesen tu...
submit je answer sume, trus kuar result kan.
berdebar la gak masa nk picit button END REVIEW tu.....
Rasa lega sgt bila nampk perkataan PASS

closeup on my result. markah utk pass adalah 700/1000
but i manage to get all correct answer.

About yesterday entry, just ignore it.
Actually, i dont want people asking about it.
Thats why the title was STOP ASKING...

For my fellows fren, expecially my classmate,
Thanks for not asking about what happen to me...
Even though u see watering eyes..
Maybe all of you already know what happen.
And familiar with my idiocy life.
I'm so appreciate.

~I've had a hole in my heart recently,
and somehow, it slowly started to heal~

ps: The result tu sama je utk sume org...almost my classmate, dpt full marked! Congratz ok....esok leh mam satay kajang! Mr Ivan da janji nak belanja kan?? huhu


anuarsalleh said...

Microsoft is Yahudi, so..obviously lah kan kena cover dalam masa sekejap je ;p

Anyway...CONGRATS!!! Yabeda Bedu! U janji belanja Karaoke kan?

nOllY dOllY said...

absolutely not!
hey...mau ajak lin g karok skali??

Igniz said...

gile tebal buku..baling anjing leh mati wo...huhu..congratz!:)

nOllY dOllY said...

igniz : tau x pe... mmg penyet la anjing tu kalo kena baling ngan buku ni..

btw, i ader lg 2 exam before finish this course.