Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ting Tong~

This is my version of Cheese Choc Cake (in cuppies)..wat masa bln puasa aritu.. for recipe, click here

Today is beutiful day! yeap..perhap it will last longer till weekend.. =)

Ok, first of all...i'm wake up this morning at 5.30am wif laziness n sleepiness :(

haih~ mls betul nk bangun...n i'm start thinking of taking 7am bus instead of 6am bus. pheww...da semangat nk smbung tdo blk ni, then suddenly..i remember my last conversation last night with hemohemo..that he encourage me to take 6am bus instead of 7am... the reason is :: if i go early, then i can go back early too!! yadayada.. i TERUS BANGUN DENGAN SEMANGATNYA YG BERKOBAR2!!! to him! but still...i jln terhoyong hayang kt klcc park.. hahaha.. still mamai2...

Once i sit infront of my pc.. i start to check my email. scroll and scroll again...and then.. Fw: REMINDER: PC & Laptops Data Scan due Oct29th sent by jimmy, my team lead. What the heck!??!!!oOoOo..rupanye kena scan data2 dlm pc ni and also internet clean up, to ensure that inappropriate & non-business data materials are not store in company properties and to reviews folders & websites to ensure sites visited are for Company business purpose only! aiyoyo..i'm dead!

:: First ~ dlm pc i ni mmg bnyk sgt folder Non-Bussines Data and also inappropriate data. hahaha...

::Second ~ cookies internet i ni confirm full with fs, ms, lots of blog, gmail, yahoo, greys anatomy, ptptn online, maybank2u...etc.. ish..mmg bnyk x terkata la..

n OF COURSE it is NOT FOR COMPANY BUSINESS PURPOSE ONLY! heck.. trus jadi INSAF! soOoOodgn lipas kudung nye, i hapuskan sume bahan2 bukti. ~~Mengelakkan dr pihak CSI buat spotcheck..

BUT NOW…insaf td da hilang ke mana.. n now, I’m still blogging about it (kt opis ni tau)!! Muehehe.. insaf kejap je.. ape nk jadi ni?? Cant hold myself lor.. Nevermind2..jap g hapuskn lg bukti..

Next, I manage to complete my slide for presentation tomorrow! Yeap..i have presentation 2morrow during Europe meeting. Pheww..x per2.. confident nolly! U can do it!

Overall, I bnyk buat benda yg berfaedah pg ni..instead of sleepiness je kan?? Tu yang rasa happy sgt2 ni! Owh..another update is… tomorrow I will receive my allowance for October. Its RM1200.. .huge huh?? But, it is money! Manusia ni slalunya, dpt bnyk mana duit sekalipun..kalo x pandai manage still x cukup! Hipotesis duit --> Makin banyak dpt duit, makin banyak berbelanja. Betul x??? so, x pyh susah2 nk compare kita dgn org yg dpt lg bnyk duit, buat sakit ati and rasa iri ati je kan?.. Bersyukur lah atas nikmat yg diberi.

So, here is my budget for this month.

::RM300 ~ estimate for my food in Nov,bnyk ke ni? Ye cost in KL town, mahal tau! Lunch at least RM5 per day. Blom lg bfast n dinner.. cit, kena puasa la nampknye kalo nk saving.

::RM300 ~ goes into my mom account. But finally, my mom simpankn utk my behalf. Akaun daughter dia x leh dipercayai..kerana dikhuatiri licin.

::RM135 ~ use to buy MTC (Monthly Travel Card) la..dok jauh nun di kjg, keje plak kt Kl town.. naik je la public transport Rapid KL, lebih menjimatkan bila beli MTC ni..sbb bley naik sesuka ati bape bnyk kali nk naik pon x pe.. its include segala jenis Bus Rapid, ader U,E,B,T..and also STAR Lrt & PUTRA Lrt for the whole month.

::RM130 ~ Estimate to buy my toiletries and detergent. I will buy large size Dove shampoo and conditioner <- mahal la gak, sbb besar ; aiken cleanser ; Palmolive shower gel refill ; large colgate ; the cheapest toothbrush ; medium liquid dynamo antibac ; large vanish power o2 and last but not least dettol. FYI, sume ni da kehabisan stok ok! Last shopping was b4 start short sem. So, recently I’m very particular about hygiene. I don’t know why, but I just want clean environment n cloth around me.

::RM145 ~ estimate to buy sony walkman for my little sister special for her upcoming UPSR result. Baik buy present instead of i kena bagi rm200 cash. Muehehe..i think, it might be useful for her..especially when she go to boarding school or some other hostels.

::RM71 ~ it is a MUST! Pay debt. Rm64 of duit raya my nephew (gile desperate), Rm7 of duit tart SIL my brother..

::RM119 ~ ni je balance yg tggl…it might be use for topup OR treat my self since my bufday on Nov14, OR maybe I can pay my ptptn debt!~ that’s why la ade online ptptnkat sblh blog ni wahai salleh anuar! Or i can buy ticket bus utk blk kg !

So, that’s all my budget for this month.. nothing special pon.. no shopping spree k! so, don’t get jelous of me! Nk shopping pon just benda2 yg wajib je..and a little treat for my sister.

Ok, start from lunch hour till now ~ 4.27pm, I tgh pening2 lalat ni. More worse! Jgn terhoyong haying smpai nk terlanggar main entrance! Pelik, nth ape yg pening sgt.. pg td I da bfast 1 bgkus nasi lemak sedap n my lunch was Alfredo spaghetti~bcos lunch kt je yg nmpk sedap n murah sket. Tp mmg sedap pon, mmg berbaloi. After lunch, blk opis trus telan 2bj panodal, 1 iron tablet, and 1 folic acid tablet. Then tido for 2hour+. BUT still dizzy bila bangun dr tidohaih~~ nk kena td atas tilam kt umah gak kot.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be healthy like a horse! Weih…tomorrow got very important presentation tau!! Wish me luck!

Ps ;> Here is my signature that I use in my Lotus Notes (email kt opis). Immature huh? Colorful sana sini.. hehehe

Best Regards,
Nurliyana Abdul Aziz, ( N0lly )
Intern 2008

ExxonMobil Bussiness Support Center Malaysia,
Global Base Operations,
08:62, Menara ExxonMobil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
+603 2380 2794


Anonymous said...

wahh ko ni sorg kakak yg baek ek,kasi present kat adik lagik tue,hehe..
btw,all the best esk!same goes to me =)

anuarsalleh said...

Alahai..sedih je kan ddk KL nih? Err..kenapa mesti HIGHLIGHT tarikh tu eh?

Unknown said...

haha..saje je highlight tuh! suke2 jer.. mana la tau dpt hadiah ke.. muehehe..

for anynomous that turn to be elly, its like family tradition to give away present for who get excelent achievement! Aku pon dpt gak dulu2.. huhu