Friday, November 28, 2008

~Holiday Mode~

Hello everyone~~~

fuh...lama btul x update kan?? here some quick update from me.. ~~

1) My final industrial training presentation was on last Monday..Alhamdullilah..everything was fabulous!! eventho ader a few accident my last minute of preparation of the slide..and last minute of print out the report..

2) I'm on holiday rite now!! heh~~x holiday sgt pon...just going back to my hometown on wednesday..then will coming back to kl on sunday..

3) Now i'm totally free from INTERNSHIP! Alhamdulillah..sumenye berjln lancar..just wait for the result.

4) Start from 1 dec, I will be start my part time job, at JobDB as a telemarketing! Fuh...a new challenge for me. x pe2....dpt duit..basic gaji RM1000 plus with commision. Ok la tuh kan?? drpd melapaking ajer...

5) This weekend will be held my cousin's wedding... n now i'm blogging at my cousin's hse!.. sleep over and help them with preparation..that i'm not really fond! SAYA TAK SUKA WEDDING!! :(

6) n lastly, i'm feel like my life will be falling apart.. =(

ps: really2 quick update...x smpt lg nk khatam update2 kt blog org lain...just sempat tersedar ade tagged yg sama from dya n rizal.. yeah2..thanx..will be complete later ya!


Nadia said...

bestnye cuty! na jugak cuty! :(

dextrike said...

hey, hapie holiday..
saya pon akan holiday pd 25 dec nanti..yeayyyy~ sgt xsabar~

Anonymous said...

Selamat bercuti!