Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lunch Oh Lunch

Just came back from Lunch at Ikan Bakar... as usual, hv to walk about 7mins to arive that place. But its totally worth bcoz of delicious food! And now, feel like to update sumthing..since everybody was update their blog kan??? hehehe..

FYI, my intership will be end of this week. sad-sad.. :( i love working here! eventhough there is no adventures at all. well, i'm bz preparing the report and also complete my log book. This 'thing' will present my perfomance which THEY will evaluate me based on that. THEY refer to my lecturer and supervisor. Then, my cgpa will based on this! So, this is my last shot to do my best! Feel good since i dont have any final exam like 'my-beloved-fren-that-always-whinning-about-exam'..~sorry for them~

But for me, working in the real world is much worse than taking an exam! IM F**KING SERIOUS! Especially when u work here..under my position as "PC-Infrastructure Global Based Operation". i'm telling u ar..everyday was like having an EXAM! but of course not similar with actual exam..have to sit in the hall, alone, answering the question..bla-bla...headache..puking.. But,actually in real working world, we dont know what will coming in front of us. I mean, the burden of work! u cant choose ur work! u cant expect what kind of problem u gonna face! The only thing u can do is, get P.R.E.P.A.R.E!!!!! Especially ur mental and spiritual. and dont forget ur physical k... I think this ideology are suit to every kind of work. agree??

Okay, enuf talking bout work...now we move on the other topic which is me. Recently, i'm craving for Fried Chicken.. nevertheless, KFC of course! but..KFC at KLCC are on renovation.. :(SAD. and i was thinking bout Ayam Goreng McD!! nyum~nyum. then...i was thinking back...it will cost me a lot of money rite..if i want to eat Fried Chicken for every meal. duhh.. -saya sayang duit k!- AND i also craving for MiLo Nuggets! hv u tried it? Yesterday, i cant hold it (since i taste the Milo McFlurry), then i bought MiLo Nuggets for Rm5.30 at cold storage. hmm...mahal gk tuh...*whinning* but its ok...only for the first n last time. Today, i dont have any choice other than to meratah-milo-in-the-pantry. huhuh...its free! Yeay! suke. I already finished my full glass of pure Milo ~didnt add any water or milk. and i plan to take another round. heh..

Well, thats it for now. no picture. since i'm blogging at opis..cant upload any pic here. NOW i have to push my self to write the another report which is more important than updating this blog.. haihs~~

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oyen said...

suke ratah milo gak!! suke!! suke!!!