Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunny Sunday

Hari ni..tak de mood nak update.
Nothing special happen today..
Except for a good news that I got from my colleague..
Which is..better I keep it to my self and Mr. Soon-to-be. :)

Well..lately ni I da jarang msk. Except for lunch during weekdays. My SIL got class..and my brother taking care of the little happy feet. And me..keep recycle the menu. Sampai takde idea nk masak ape...with limited resource and ingredient. Kalo SIL da start masak...which is good...she will eventually have to cook after I'm going back to Msia soon. Eventhough she is not good in cooking, but at least she try. Tak pe la...lama2 sedap la tu dia masak. Pray for the best.

Got to go..not feeling well. Rasa mcm sakit perut pon ada. Hopefully not food poisoning. Nggeee.. ;P

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