Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nearly there..

Finally tomorrow we gonna load up with internet line and cable tv. Yeahhh.. And its also means that I'm gonna be home soon! Less than in 30days. :)

Nasib baik hari ni still bley lg guna BIS. Pheww.. Actually dpt 2 msg dari vodafone ari ni. First is this,

We have attempted to take payment for the BlackBerry Internet Service. Your payment has failed as you have less than £5.30 credit.

Hahaha..kesian betul..mmg malas I nk topup, tggu la I pegi city nnt..pegi outlet vodafone tu sendiri. Sng...I will topup £5.00 only. Not more than that. After that..dpt lg msg smlm. We will try to bla..bla..bla..again tomorrow.

Like I care..esok kalo da tak leh nk guna BIS pon, I still can count on wifi. Problem solved. :)

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