Thursday, January 26, 2012

Start busy..

We will try one more time to take the £5 payment for your BlackBerry service early tomorrow, so please ensure you have at least £5.30 credit by midnight. If we are unable to take payment then your BlackBerry services (such as email and BBM) will be suspended tomorrow.

Ok..who cares! Muahahaha..we now officially on super duper laju WIFI. Kesian betul vodafone tu. Tiap2 hari tanpa jemu nk deduct my credit. Pg td bangun SIL ckp da dpt email from SKY (broadcasting comp yg provide all those internet, tv packs etc). The email said, our internet have been activated. We just need to plug in the router/modem or whatever they call it, switch on..then...can start connect without any hassle. Pwd and id already provided.

Actually, SKY already post the modem/router 2 weeks ago! Huh..sgt lama baru hari ni nk activated! Goshh..service mmg tiptop habis! Tak pyh nk tggu site tech dtg rumah lmbt la plak nk activate bagai.

So, hari ni adalah super duper bz! Skype with parents kt kampung for almost 3hours. Then..smbung skype with Mr. Soon-to-be. Ngeee. :D
And then..donlot sume tv series yg tertinggal sebulan. Mind u! Satu episod donlot, 10min da siap! Gosh...I'm gonna have to bring this SKY back with me to Malaysia! Huhu.. much to do! Nk buat research tmpt shopping, and catch up some stuff with my office in cyberjaya. Then, have to plan for vacation! Either london or edinburgh.. Huh..let see how the money speak to me. :P

Syukur sgt. Alhamdulillah :)

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