Sunday, March 15, 2009


After 7 month i've started this blog, finally i get some awards! Its awesome. Thanks guys.

1st Award came from Rizal

1. copy paste the award at your blog once you got it.
2. make an entry if this is like a GRAMMY award
Oh my GOD! (screaming like crazy..jump2 on my foot ;P)
Testing2...1..2..3.. ehem..
Hello everybody!...hi...thanks for reading my speech for this award. -giggles-
First of all, thanks to Mr Rizal for this award.
Then, i would like thanks to my mother, because of she bought me a laptop, so i can blogger anytime and anywhere which is of course when there is internet connection available..
not to forget, my bro and his wife for let me stay at their house which is have biggest contribution of streamyx!
then, my fellows fren..especially who know me personally
and last but not least,
for anyone who read my blog.
(haa...tudia..speech plg poyo)

3. pass to 5 other blogger.

(alamak..sume laki je yg dpt?? hukhuk..xpe..for the ladies, wait ok!)

4. NEVER break the chain, please


2nd Award came from Hafrina

the rules :
* place the award logo on your blog
* nominate 10 other blogs which show "attitude and or/ gratitude"
* link to the nominees on your blogspot
* comment on their blog that you have nominated them
* share the love and link to the person who nominated

10 Person To Give This Award:
Mis Via

Oh..selesai sudah agihan2 awards ni. huhu...enjoy ur weekend!

Luv u.


oyen said...

utk prompuan ajor yerk!!


Unknown said...

iyer oyen...nama pon sisterhood award. huhu

Haf said...

yeh2,tahniah2 buat pemenang2 lain...

Nadia said...

wah. thank you nolly! :D

dextrike said...

cik nolly!
hihi.. meh ksi hug skittt~
mekasihh ye! ;)