Saturday, March 7, 2009

One day Freedom~

Yesterday , i've a mid sem exam 9am-10.30am. Alhamdulillah....everything was fine. It was piece of cake. wallah~ So, after the exam, i watch several of movie.. P.s I Love You, Just Friend and Slumdog Millionaire at my laptop. Those movie are great!

I still remember last week, 23Feb...i accidently watch the Oscar Academy Award live at Star Movie. I saw the clock, its still early, 9.30 am. What the heck i'm watching here? (i'm clueless...i just thought it is a repeat version) Hmm...i'm not a fan for hollywood award and so on. But then, it was Hugh Jackman on opening performance..he sang the medley song and dancing all around the floor...OMG, it was hilarious...especially on the last part, the WOLVERINE part. Watch this. Ok, enough bout that..then, i still continue watching the award and i'm wonder why Slumdog Millionaire won so many award? But then, once again...i accidently watch this award at the same nite...and i just figure out that the morning version i watched before is live one.

Finally yesterday, i manage to watch this film. OMG! They deserve the award! NO DOUBT. I like the storyline. Its all make sense when finally an uneducated 18year old boy from the slums of Mumbay be a millionaire just by answering the imposible question to be answer. Well, this movie is partially toturing me! Especially when it shows the previous life of little Jamal. Its pretty gross too. You might vomit when you watch the scene of little Jamal jumped into the swamp of poo just because he want a photograph from Amitabh Bachchan. Well, you will see his body completely covered with sticky poo (euwww) and running towards Amitabh Bachchan. Hmm..but i guess, that its not really poopies rite? They must use something sticky mud that look like poop. owh...big relief. Owh, the soundtrack is really good! Its kind of hisdustan remix. I like it.

This is Little Jamal. He soo cute and adorable. His name is Ayush Mahesh Khedekar. This pic is rite before he jumped into the swamp of poo. I heard some rumours about this film , about these kids come from very poor family? and the award money all gone for pay their school? i'm not sure about this. After all, these kids are very telented. thumb up.

From left, Danny Boyle (director)- he kindly reminds me of someone. wink*wink. At the middle is Freida Pinto - the heroin. And lastly is Dev Patel - Jamal Malik. Im kinda had a little crush on Dev Patel. He is so cute ok! His actual accent is scottish. Watch this. but of course in the film, he talk in indian accent.

Well, for anyone still not watching this film, i'm telling ya, its totally worth when u watch this film.. apart from the pretty gross scene. :)



Haf said...

alamak,aku pon da melelh laa tgk dev patel ni.adik amisha patel ke?

Unknown said...

erk?? adik amisha patel??
sape kah itu? wakakaka..
ngak tahu dong! bukan kot.