Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Visit

So, today is Thursday which happen to be 3rd week of March, as routine..i had appoinment with my ortho. Normally, i will be in hell of pain after the visit...but today is amazing... Just a liltle pain on upper jaw..most probably because of there is no much gap of my teeth. Then, when i get home...i'm just crave to chew the CEREAL BAR! Actually, i've made a cereal bar before (last monday) on my first trial. It turn out disaster! Very crunchy because of overbake and it gave bitter taste (huhu...hangit sket ni). The tester said 'it taste like kueh raya'! LOL. Even its overbake, but there is sumeone who LOVE my food willing to finish it. :D Thanks my dear.

My first attemp of cereal bar. Before bake.

Tonite's cereal bar. After bake.

Very chewy! i love it

Can u see the star??

Well, i cant stop chewy it! OMG...its acdicted. I make it chewy rather than crunchy. The original recipe is from Mrs LG. But here what i use

> oat, rice bubble, honey star, raisin, melon seed and almond. Mix together the dry ingredient

> melt together butter, honey, brown sugar and vanilla esen until the mixture become sticky and enuf to coated the dry ingredient
> mix together dry ingredient and honey mixture.
> compress the crumble in pan, then bake until golden brown. Let its cool before you cut into pieces.


ps: eventho i'm wearing braces, its never stop me to chew the chewy stuff! i just LOVE it!


CS said...

Salam. Syabas berjaya buat muesli. I am yet to try sbb oven I sakit dah 5 bulan :-(

dextrike said...

wahh, yummy2.. nakkk!

Unknown said...

to somuffins : beli je over baru....oven rama2 tu pon bley.

to dayah : nak ek? wat la sendiri. jauh benor nk anta ke taiping nun. hikhik....try tau kat umah!..nnt aie bertambah syg kamo!!

Mimy Hamid said...

hi nolly..akak nk try la