Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet Dream?

A couple weeks ago...

I had a dream....really2 weird dream yet can make me smile and angau2. (>_<)
I accidently married that nite! gosh! cant believe it.
Married with 40 years old guy..but handsome plus he is single.

It was a simple ceremony...i'm wearing simple baju kurung in Purple color since I dont have enough time to custom made my wedding dress.
I was dressup at his house, then my colleuge, zainab help me out with makeup artist...cause i really dont want to make up by my self. huhu.
He..eventually...trying so hard to find a purple baju melayu that will be match with my baju kurung. But sadly..he end up with light blue baju melayu plus with purple sampin. whatever la..i tetap suke!

ok2...his house so effing big yet messy! *sigh* cant imagine when everything settle up, i will end up in his house with a lot of house chores. dammit.
Then, we go to the Mosque together. While in his car, he ask me, how to pronouce my name properly. gosh....who is this guy?? how come i'm agree to marry with this guy?

After solemnized ceremony....dank? what happen? how come i forget? duhh..ruginye..
ok2...what i was remembered, he was super duper busy man...dont have enuf time for me...but i'm still waiting and taat setia for my husband. Afterall, he is the most romantic guy and LOVE me so much for who i am. is it adorable?

At that nite..i feel so guilty to my fellow frens, cause i'm not inform them that i'm getting married. then, i planned to update my status at FB..telling them that "Last was normal nite..a single lady nite..suddenly 2nite i'm marry to wonderful husband. sorry for not telling u guys...please...jgn ader yg kena heart attack plak" something like dat. gosh...gile ke ape?? haha... (hampir2 ok..i nk update status kat fb mlm tu jugak) then...then...what else? owh...i even figure out...what to do with the KLM tics to Jakarta (24June-1July). am i bear to leave my "mr hubby" alone at home?? haha..cannot2. I was thinking, maybe Zai have to sacrifice her tic, and gave it to my hubby...or she had to find someone to replace me. haha

The funny part is, when i woke up that morning....i feel so sad...cause i dont wanna leave that dream. I WISH the dream is true. dank! then....the whole working day, i was so angau to that "hubby". giler dah aku ni. but pity me, i dont even know what his name. :(

ps: please ignore all the grammer + spelling + rojak language. excited to recall back the memory. "Mr, Hubby" i miss u. hahahha...i wish i can dream about u again.

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