Friday, August 14, 2009

Totally flat..


Alhamdullilah...selesai suda interview siang td which is fully FULL DAY. :) sgt penat okay..
So, for the review of interview session, i will post in next entry....

Now..i really want a nice and smoothie bed time.. :)
I guess, tomorrow i will not attend the interview for touch&go.. i really cant pull out my self together. I hope they do reschedule the session for second time. :)

Why tomorrow is friday?? urgh....cpt gile masa berlalu.... so..plan for tomorrow,
-bayar road tax (err..kt mana jpj terdekat??)
-vacuum rumah bersih2... (since my parent nk dtg)
-wash my cloth (of course by machine.)
-hand wash my graduation dress... :)
-hope can find a nicely wedges or heels that match wif my baju pepaya!!!..
-byr saman rm50 kt pakguard UKM! (sgt c puas ati ni)
-finally, go to sg buloh, to pick up my parent!!

Now...i'm signing off...
Nanaite!! have a nice dream..


Mimy Hamid said...

banyaknya list...

Unknown said...

aah...mmg banyk.
nasib baik sume dapt dilaksanakan..